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Your partner for all trusteeship issues

RD Revision und Treuhand AG was formed in 1986 and takes on all classic trustee services in Switzerland.


The team is made up of employees who have worked for the firm for many years and it is managed by a qualified auditor and a qualified business economist, both graduates of a Swiss college of applied sciences. The latter are both approved auditing experts with great professional experience.


Our services are billed exclusively on a time-spent basis. For deployment in the management of a company or on a supervisory board, an additional annual fee is charged.


RD Revision und Treuhand AG works with its clients on a basis of trust. If one of the parties fails to meet this prerequisite at the specified time, the business relationship can be terminated at any time without keeping to a period of notice. We undertake to assure, in every case, a problem-free handover of files, data and information after the end of an order.

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